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416 College Street, Beloit, WI 53511

Phone: 608-365-1244
Toll Free: 866-925-CCCS
FAX: 608-365-4097

Do I Need Counseling?

Take a Debt Test
Take this test to see if you might need credit counseling.

If you need counseling an appointment takes about an hour. The counselor will look at your overall financial situation and 1 of 3 things will happen:

  1. You will get help with basic money management and suggestions on how to handle your money problem.
  2. The counselor will know when you might consider bankruptcy and tell you a little about it.
  3. We have a debt management program where we consolidate your bills into 1 monthly payment, if you have credit card debt, we are usually able to get lower payments, lower interest rates, no over-limit or late fees. We work with all creditors: credit cards, collection agencies , hospital bills, attorney bills, etc.

The cost of our program is one time $25 set-up fee and a maximum monthly fee of $20.

Personal Profile
If you decide you need credit counseling complete this profile and bring it to your first appointment.

Service Agreement
Complete and also bring to first appointment.

Is Counseling for Me?